Six Things to Consider When Planning A Beach Wedding Ceremony in North Carolina

This week's adventures has me exploring a whole new area of North Carolina. North Topsail Beach is located about an hour north of Wilmington, NC and boasts a serene, low-key, and peaceful setting for a wedding. Being here has inspired me to come up with helpful tips for couples to ensure their beach wedding goes off without a hitch!

    1. Secure Beach Front Space

    Check with local officials to see if a permit is required for a ceremony on a public beach as well as what they allow to be set up on the beach. Can you bring in seating for everyone? Can you install an arbor and floral decor? If it turns out that they don't allow ceremonies on public beaches, consider renting a beach villa that includes private beach access.

    2. Tide Times

    Be sure to check the time of high tides as well as the swell measurement to ensure that you will have enough sandy beach to set up seating for your guests. The last thing you want is for your guests to be swept away!

    3. Avoid Uninvited Guests

    Planning your ceremony outside of the holidays, weekends, peak season (June-August) or peak beach times (9:00am-3:00pm) is the best way to ensure you have the optimum privacy for your special day. My favorite time of day at the beach is sunrise because of how serene and peaceful it is. Plus you eliminate a ton of extra onlookers.

    4. Soundproof Vows

    Consider hiring a professional DJ to run the music and sound for your ceremony. Having lapel mics for the groom and officiant will allow your guests to clearly hear you over the sounds of the crashing waves.

    5. Windproof Decor

    Weather can change quickly at the beach so be sure to fasten your decor securely. When choosing seating, look for chairs with sturdy legs and a bit more weight so your set up doesn’t blow away!

    6. Have a Backup Plan

    In case of rain, consider having a plan b for the ceremony at either a beach villa or local venue. Before renting a beach house, inquire if there is a space on the property where you could host the ceremony on-property by use of a tent or indoor space. If this is not feasible, contact local venues along the beach and see if they could offer you a second option.

    I hope this was helpful and look forward to planning more beach weddings in the future!
September 25, 2020 Written by: Erica Batstone Photography by Erica
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