Five Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding Flowers

In case you didn't know, I LOVE flowers! They bring me so much joy and I absolutely love seeing my bride’s reaction to her beautiful bouquet on her wedding day. I love flowers so much that I flew all the way to Tasmania, Australia to work on Lisa Kingston's flower farm. The experience taught me so much about the flower industry including sustainable farming practices, harvesting tips, flower arranging techniques, and wedding day installations. It gave me a whole new perspective and a deep sense of respect for floral farmers who have the skills and strength to bring these blooms to life while also harnessing the talent to create beautiful masterpieces. With my love for all things floral, I wanted to share a few things to consider when planning your wedding day flowers.

    1. Develop a Floral Budget You Are Comfortable With

    Your budget will determine the types of floral decor you can have at your wedding. Personal flowers including bridal & bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres & corsages usually cost around $1,000. Now add in centerpieces, ceremony arbor florals, welcome table arrangements, etc, and you can easily get to upwards of $3,000-$4,000. Flowers can be an expense that people aren't expecting to be so high, but I think they are so worth it because they bring so much beauty, personality, and color to an event.

    2. Consider What's in Season

  1. If there is a specific flower you've fallen in love with and have hopes of it being in your wedding florals, find out what time of year the flower blooms in your area. For instance, peonies come out in the spring months and dahlias bloom in the late summer, early fall. This may help you decide on what time of year to tie the knot.

    3. It’s All About YOUR Style

    There are several different styles of flower arranging and it’s important to find a floral designer that speaks to your personal style. Are you wild & bold or soft & sweet? Do you prefer classic & traditional styles or whimsical & free flowing styles? Click on the pink buttons below for some floral inspo and find what speaks to your soul.

    4. Color Themes

    One of my favorite things to do is create mood boards! I enjoy working with various color pallets and finding ways to incorporate decor, materials, and florals into the design to create a cohesive look. Once you’ve chosen your color pallet, search for seasonal blooms that match these colors and connect with your wedding planner and florist to help you bring together the floral arrangement of your dreams!

    5. Get to Know One Another

    Check out your florist's past work and share a bit about yourself with them so they can better connect to what you’re looking for. In my opinion, getting to know one another’s personalities will help bring together a beautifully, satisfying final product.

August 3, 2020 Written by: Erica Batstone Photography by: Fete Photography & Samantha Floyd Photography Florals by Flourish Flower Farm, Flowers By Larry & Stargazers Design