Q&A Series: Mobile Espresso Cart Catering in Asheville, NC

Are you a coffee lover who would love to feature speciality espresso beverages at your wedding or event? As part of our Q&A series, we interviewed Courtney & Brian, founders of Java Cart Catering in Asheville, North Carolina to learn more their unique mobile espresso cart service.

    1. What inspired you to open Java Cart Catering?

    Brian and I decided to open Java Cart Catering because we have a passion for coffee and serving others. I (Courtney) have had a career in coffee for 8 years in a multitude of different positions. We both love serving others and being able to bring something fun and different to your event.

    2. Can you describe some of your past work experiences related to your new venture?

    I (Courtney) have been in the coffee industry since 2014 and have experience working with catering companies and managing coffee shops. I have always loved being in the service industry and being a barista has been my favorite position to have! Brian has always been an avid coffee drinker. Brian and I met in a coffee shop so it has always held a special place in our hearts.

    3. What types of beverages do you offer on your carts?

    We will offer custom espresso drinks! Almost anything you can order at your local coffee shop, you can get from us! Some examples would be lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, cortados and other espresso drinks. For non-coffee drinkers, we will have hot chocolate and milk steamers as options for you! Something for everyone!

    4. What items do you provide with your services?

    When you book us at your event, we will bring everything you need. Our set up will include the espresso machine, a barista, a drink menu, bar for service, cups, syrups for drinks and milk choices to choose from. All we require from our client is an electrical source to plug into!

    5. Do you offer any customization for clients?

    Absolutely! We will have a variety of add on services such as custom made coffee sleeves, custom made menus for your event, iced drinks or hot tea!

    6. If you are working at an event with 100 people, how many hours of service do you recommend clients book you for?

    We would recommend a minimum of 3 hours of service for an event of 100+ people.

    7. Do you mind sharing some of your pricing?

    Our pricing is based on the amount of people at your event. Each package is custom created for you depending on the number of guests and hours of service, plus any additional add-ons you’d like. We do not charge by the cup so we like to create one base price for your event so you don’t have to worry. An example of a two hour event for 30 people would cost around $250-$300. We promise to provide excellent service at your event with an exceptional product!

    8. What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

    We can be reached at or by phone at (828) 552-4816. Follow us at @javacartcatering on Instagram!

    9. What are three things all couples should consider when looking for a mobile espresso cart?

    When booking us for your event, a few things to consider are:Will you have a flat/solid surface for us to set up on? Will you have power for us to plug into? Do your guests love fun experiences and coffee?! :)

March 1, 2021