What's the Difference Between a Wedding Planner, Coordinator, and a Consultant?

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the world of wedding planning! I often get asked what the difference is between a wedding planner, coordinator, and a consultant, so I thought I'd summarize each role to help you decide what option works best for you!

    Wedding Planner

    A wedding planner is typically someone who you decide to hire shortly after you get engaged. They work with you at the very beginning stages of wedding planning and help bring a sense of ease and organization to the entire process. They will guide you through each step and offer full support when it comes to building your design board, hiring your team of vendors, and planning all of the details. Depending on your schedule and how much involvement you desire, they can either completely take over the planning process, keeping you updated along the way, or you can choose to take a more active role. Either way, they will take the time to get to know you and your vision to a T so they can pair you with the right vendors who can satisfy your vision and budget. In addition to handling all the small details, vendor communications, and event logistics, the planner will also direct the ceremony rehearsal and be present on the day of the wedding to ensure all of the plans are being seamlessly executed so that you can fully enjoy your evening with family and friends!

    Wedding Coordinator

    A wedding coordinator is someone you can hire at any stage of the planning process, but will become fully engaged 4-8 weeks prior to the wedding day. A coordinator works best for brides and grooms that are comfortable booking and communicating with their vendors, but want someone who they can pass the information to 30 days before the wedding so they can enjoy the final weeks leading up to their big day. The coordinator will reach out to vendors at the 30 day mark and become their primary point of contact. The coordinator handles all final logistics including reviewing vendor contracts, coordinating set-up and break-down details with all vendors, creating a day-of timeline, and reviewing floor plans. They will also direct the ceremony rehearsal the day before and will be there on the wedding day to ensure all of the elements are executed smoothly so that you can be fully present with your family and friends!

    Wedding Consultant

    A wedding consultant is someone you can hire at any stage of planning and will provide guidance and support as you navigate the planning of your wedding. The consultant conducts hourly sessions with you to answer all of your burning questions in regards to wedding planning. From how to structure your floral order and menu planning to advice on seating chart assignments and wedding etiquette, a consultant's expertise can come in handy to help you make decisions you feel good about. Brides and grooms will take on a role similar to the one described in the coordinator role above (hiring and communicating with vendors); however, it doesn’t include on-site coordination of the ceremony rehearsal or the day of the wedding. We highly recommend adding on the day-of coordination package to the consultant package for the ability to relax on your wedding day knowing that you've hired a wedding professional to carry out your plans!

    I hope this helped bring clarity to your decision. Contact us today to book or learn more about our services!

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