Q&A Series: Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Brides-to-Be

Are you ready to fall in love with the wedding gown of your dreams? As part of our Q&A series, we interviewed Brooke, owner of Meadowbrooke Bridal in Weaverville, North Carolina to learn more about her bridal boutique and recommendations about what to consider when dress shopping.

    1. What inspired you to open Meadowbrooke Bridal?

    Meadowbrooke Bridal has been a long awaited dream! I have been working in the Bridal Industry for almost a decade now with the goal of owning my own boutique since almost day one. It has been such a labor of love to finally own and run a boutique of my own!

    2. What current trends are you seeing for 2021 gowns/outfits?

    We are loving the trend of versatility! Designers have gotten so creative with adding detachable options such as sleeves, capes, skirts, belts, and even more. We love getting more than one look out of your wedding gown!

    3. At what point should a bride begin dress shopping and when should they make a decision by?

    We suggest starting shopping a year in advance from your wedding date and being ready to Say Yes ideally at least 9 months before. We will always do our absolute best to help a bride get her perfect dress, but that timeline allows for the best ability to do so!

    4. How long will it take for the dress to arrive from the designer?

    Dresses typically take 4-6 months to arrive once special ordered. Rush options are sometimes available depending on both the designer and specific dress. Rushing a gown in also often costs a bit more, so keep that in mind!

    5. How long do alterations typically take?

    We suggest allotting 2-3 months for alterations. While it may not take a full 3 months to complete alterations necessary, you have to consider getting worked into the seamstress or tailor’s schedule.

    6. How should you store your dress when you bring it home?

    Until right before the wedding, it is totally fine to just leave your wedding gown hanging in your Meadowbrooke Bridal garment bag wherever is most convenient! You should plan to organize a time with your seamstress or tailor to steam out your gown the day-ish before your wedding.

    7. When future brides make an appointment with you, what can they expect?

    At Meadowbrooke Bridal brides can expect a fun, relaxed, and personal experience! We hope to make every bride feel absolutely beautiful for her big day and love being there to help in that process. With almost a decade of experience, we hope to utilize our knowledge. We always tell brides, “We’ve done this a million times, so we’ve got tons of answers to any of your questions!”

    8. What should they bring with them?

    We suggest bringing along the people who are most important for making your wedding dress decision! Smaller groups tend to work best so brides don’t get overwhelmed, but be sure to bring the folks that you need on your team!

    9. What is the price range for your dresses?

    Our dresses are priced between $1500-$5000. There are a few gowns that are less than $1500 and a few that are above $5000, but the majority fall between $1800-$2500.

    10. How can they make an appointment with you?

    The easiest way to make an appointment at Meadowbrooke Bridal is through our website: Brides can of course call or text as well to 828.367.7743.

    11. What are three things all brides-to-be should consider when dress shopping?

    1. Be ready to Say Yes to the Dress! So many brides come in thinking they’ll just shop around and end up finding their perfect dress. Be ready for that awesome and fun moment and embrace it!

    2. Remember it’s your day! While it is wonderful for everyone in your life to love your dress as much as you do, it is ultimately YOUR dress. Everyone has their own style, and it doesn’t mean it has to or will be the same as yours, so stay true to your personality and style. Your fiance chose you for a reason and there is nothing more beautiful than a happy, confident bride!

    3. Be open and honest when shopping. We genuinely want to know what we can do to make you look and feel like your most beautiful self.

February 5, 2021 Questions by Erica Batstone; Answers by Brooke, Owner of Meadowbrooke Bridal Photography by Victoria Grace Photography